Please be respectful to the land and the pure nature!
When we are not here celebrating, it is the living room of many wild animals that are very kind to be letting us use their house for fiesta. That means NO to leaving your trash anywhere. We will have a genius Trash System that will make you love to separate your garbage.


Please use the toilettes to do your business. There will be plenty compost toilets on the island waiting for you!
Please bring only naturally biodegradable hygiene products with you. Even if you're using our showers on the island, what you wash yourself with will end up in the river.


Please be respectful with each other! We come here to celebrate life, music, nature , creativity and freedom. We provide zero space for any kind of homophobia, racism, or any other form of discrimination. If you become a victim or witness any act of unfairness please seek our awareness team immediately or inform the staff at the bar / Info desk.

Boat Transfer

One Boat taxi transfer forth and back are included in your festival Ticket. For every extra transfer (To get to Caravan camping or eat Pizza or get hot shower) the captain will charge 3 Euros per Ride.
The boat is only driving by daylight, you can't reach the island at night.


Please bring enough Cash with you. It is not possible to pay with card at Planet Magika. All bars, food stands and boat taxi if you need it are only accepting Euro! We don't accept Forint.
The next ATM / BANKOMAT is in the next village, so you will need to first take the boattaxi and than drive to the next village. So better you take enough cash with you to be able to spent your precious time on the dancefloor or on the yoga mat.


We have limited electricity on the island. To keep all the floors and foodstands running smoothly we inform you that is not possible to charge your phone or computer or whatever on the island. So please bring your power bank or in case of emergency you can recharge on the mainland camping.

Glitter & Confetti

Glitter: Is not allowed and uncool unless it is biodegradable Confetti: It is very uncool. Please leave it at home and keep the nature pure.


If you feel like smoking please do so. But we ask you to NOT throw your cigarette buds on the ground. You can get a pocket ashtray for free at our bars and the info desk. Leave no trace!


We would love it if you gave your mobile devices a weekend break! Please respect that there are no pictures allowed on Planet Magika. The space we want to create here is delicate and magical , we all need to be present as much as we can …. Dive in and enjoy the show, no need for pictures.
We know it's hard sometimes…if you really really cannot hold it back, make it a good one and please don't hold the camera in somebody's face!

Anyone who feels like they are being watched behaves less freely, and we don't want that. We will have professional camera team capturing the event. We kindly ask for your permission and insure you that our media team is aware and sensitive to your intimancy and will do it’s best to stay invisible. Of course we will share all pictures with all guests.

If you want to take pictures, please limit this to the camping area and do not forget to obtain the consent of all people pictured and respect the personal and data protection rights of your fellow partygoers.


It is not allowed to make your own fire on the island. We will have dedicated fireplaces for you to get in touch with this magical plasma.


We kindly ask to leave your gas camping stoves at home since there's no fire allowed on the camping ground.
For warm food and snacks on the Island we will have delicious food for you provided by some of our favorite cooks! Theres also vegan and vegetarian options of course.
On the mainland campingground you can also grab yourself a pizza and a beer!

For drinks we will have two bars on the Island. The main bar directly at the dancefloor serving alcoholic drinks and different limos and juices. And the SimsalaBar at the Perla Dana healing space providing Kakaochi Cacao, fresh limos and other healthy stuff.
We ask everyone to bring their own cup and in the best case also a plate or bowl and cutlery for food.

Additionaly there will be also spots where you can refill your bottle with drinking water for free.

ticket refund

If you can not attend the festival, there will be full refund possible until Saturday, the 20.07., 16:00. There will be no refund afterwards.


Since we have strict limited capacity of how many humans can enter the island (maximum 300) we kindly ask you to book your ticket in advance. We will have a limited Abendkasse contingency, in case we are not sold out.


Access by Wheelchair is unfortunately not possible yet. We are sorry and hope to improve soon!


For any medical emergencies there will be specific personnel taken care of you! There will always be one boat taxi free for situations like this and the next hospital is 15 min car drive away.


We are very excited and happy to serve you a special blend of our favortites artists. The are coming from far away and some from closer. Collectives like Journey2Tarab, Garten von Eben, Unlock Me, Taka Tuka will sprinkle some delights. In between the DJs sneaked in a couple live performances, workshops and acitvities.
Next to all the music, there will be Perla Dana. The save heavens of Dana, the spirit of the Danube river. There the program is filled with various healing arts, workshops, bodywork, massage ambient sets, rituals and dances. A sweatlodge will heat you up and help you to drop fully into the body, purify the past and feel like newly born - ready to explore the new!